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DJing Discussion Determining the age of your Technics This area is for discussion about DJing in general. Please remember the community rules when posting and try to be polite and inclusive. Determining the age of your Technics Thought all us Technics owners and pre purchasers might find this interesting and informative. If you’ve purchased ‘s second hand or plan to you should definitely give this a read! SL serial numbers are in two different formats, depending on the date of manufacture. It isn’t exactly possible to determine the decade in which the SL in question was manufactured, as the serial number contains only the last digit of the year. If the year digit is 8, the turntable may have been manufactured in , , or If the year digit is 0, the turntable may have been manufactured in , or

technics to stop producing the 1210s?

My gut feeling is mid eighties as it has quite stubby RCA plugs a bit like early Linn arms where as later ones have a more conventional plug. The Hadcock GH has been made since the ’70s but with a number of changes along the way. IIRC the black wand indicates it may be an earlier model and with an aluminium tube rather than the later stainless steel.

These worked better with higher compliance MM carts.

I recorded it with one DJM , one Technics SL and two CDJ that friends gave me. I didn’t really have any specific idea behind this mix expect that​.

At first, I only had one [laughs]. In this video you can see that they have a turntable more. In an Instagram post from Mat Zo “Just had atrak cutting and scratching in my studio. Got 2 s For mobile gigs, sometimes I will connect these to my home set and use all 4 technics for live mash ups. As an old-school dj with thousands of vinyl records crowding the shelves, it would be weird not to own a set of Technics s.

This is still the gold standard of dj turntables. Built for the long haul. Great for scratching, sampling. Solid and reliable, I have been using them for over 20 years and counting.

Pioneer PLX-1000 Review – against the Technics SL-1210

Please take note re:shipping and potential delays. Please be patient with your purchases. I am not a reseller so everything offered on my Ebay site are my personal possessions from my studio and shop.. All either in use or carefully stored in a smoke free controlled environment.

carefully. SLMK5: Silver model. SLMK5: Black model. Table of contents. Supplied DATE OF PURCHASE. DEALER NAME. DEALER ADDRESS.

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Technics SL-1200/SL-1210 MK7 price and release date confirmed

S you. The Technics SL was one of the longest-running turntables in history, its original incarnation dating back to no less. It is manually assembled by artisans and adjusted by technicians, says Technics. Crucially, while the SLG trendy nightclubs and village discos alike.

Prayer Rug with Inscription in Niche, dated A.H. /A.D. –96 A Technics series turntable on display at a London museum. A Technics

Please refresh the page and retry. T he vinyl revival shows no sign of abating. While there’s no single explanation as to why these retro plastic discs are back in vogue , many listeners cite having a tangible, physical object in a soulless, digital age. Listening to an album as it was intended to be heard is a consideration, along with accompanying artwork. Whatever the reason, you end up thousands of pounds worse off in the long run.

But us record-heads don’t much care about that. Technically, a turntable refers merely to the generally rectangular device on which the disc is spun. A record player will have amplifier and speaker built in, though the two terms are often used interchangeably. Turntables often conjure up the image of a DJ spinning, but in fact it is one component of a record player. You can pick up a cheap portable record player these days, but Brunson says they won’t do your records justice; worse, they can actively damage them.

When I first dug out my parents’ old Rega turntable from the attic, I skipped along to my local record store to pick up an amplifier and speakers. But when I set it all up, it sounded like the Rob Brydon ‘small man trapped in a box’ skit.

Pete Tong celebrates investiture party with a Technics 1210s cake and celebrity pals

By Danielle Gusmaroli. His name has passed into the English language as rhyming slang for ‘wrong’ with the phrase ‘it’s all gone Pete Tong’. But there were no mishaps at the Radio 1 DJ’s investiture party at the hip Hix bar on Tuesday – just copious amounts of fun, fans, and family gathered at the veteran’s side. After receiving the MBE for his career in broadcasting and music by Prince William, the superstar club DJ and a host of celebrity chums filed into the London bar to toast him.

Party time! And as the champagne flowed, and exquisite canapes were served, the smiles got bigger as Pete stepped behind a celebratory cake in the form of music decks and pretended to do his thing.

Join Date: Mar Join Date: Aug Turntable Technics SLmk2, Origin Live modified OL1 tonearm, Van Den Hul rewire.

Project delivers an accomplished turntable for the discerning vinyl enthusiast. The return of vinyl shows no sign of abating any time soon and this means more options for those looking for a deck to spin their shiny new records on. Although the price may seem high, in terms of performance the Roksan Blak amp is an absolute bargain. The Roksan Blak Amp sits at the top of the Roksan range as their most powerful, best sounding and prominent looking amplifier.

Since its release in , Technics had …read more. Cambridge Audio delivers yet another stunning effort for hi-fi enthusiasts of all types and budgets with the AXR Cambridge Audio have been very busy of late with the release of the flagship Edge range earlier this year, their first wireless …read more. Meze aim to garner even more rave reviews with the 99 Neo headphones. While the rise of standalone Smart speakers seems to be unstoppable, there is still a market for those wanting a small system with a better sound.

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Technics SL 1200 serial # = date ??

Location: Stockholm Posts: 42 I’m Richard. I’ve got two ‘s. Which one should I upgrade? I bought B in , so May

Technics turntable serial number dater. Date a Technics SL/SL by serial number. Technics have been putting serial numbers on their SL and​.

Forums New posts Search forums. New Posts What’s new Latest activity. Members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter hektik Start date Nov 27, If you are interested in securing a pair of the legendary turntables before they are gone, we have a limited number left in stock at DMC.

DeepStoat Banned Banned.

The best turntables for under £500

The underside of the SP, with cast alloy cover removed, showing the circuit boards for motor drive, speed control and logic. The underside of the platter, showing strobe edge, factory-balancing machining and a mm thick rubber-like damping sheet material. The sub-platter motor rotor removed, showing the pole Direct Drive motor.

Mechanical brake has also been removed here.

The SLMk2 is essentially the Mk2 except in black. Everything else is the same(## word has it that the is lighter than the and is more.

Started by ijustspeak over 13 years ago , 34 replies. Log In You must be logged in to post. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Save Thread Notify Me of Replies. Join Group. Show this post There was a post about how you could find out the age for your technics by using the serial number but i can’t find it. I’ve been looking at a pair of mk2’s and they looked pretty old.

I managed to beat it down to but i wan’t to figure out the age first. One of them had a sticker on the back that indicated it has been refurbished by Technincs but i couldnt read the date. DelroyVonCompton over 13 years ago This post is hidden because you reported it for abuse. Show this post Tried contacting Technics themselves?

The Best Turntable of All Time Is Back

Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. About to buy a second Technics SLmk2 but I noticed this Location: Montreal, Quebec.

Interesting page to work out the manufacturing date and other information based upon Technics / serial numbers. More posts from the DJs community.

As part of the package, you got a Technics P moving magnet cartridge. The T4P system was a standard devised by Technics and offered on their turntables for many years as a way to offer user-replaceable cartridges without the hassle of cartridge alignment. Tracking force and anti-skate are preset, usually at 1. Many other brands offered this system on their turntables — and today, though there are no P-Mount turntables on the market, cartridges are readily available from various manufacturers such as Audio-Technica and Ortofon.

The JR also benefits from their legendary Quartz direct drive system, and a brushless DC motor featuring a magnet that is directly affixed to the platter. Making the platter itself a part of the motor allows the motor to spin at real-time speed The Jr is a linear tracking turntable — meaning that the arm, and hence the cartridge and stylus, travels in a straight line across the surface of the record. This results in greater tracking accuracy, and less inner groove distortion — a problem that is inherent with pivotal tonearms as their cartridges must be aligned so that a compromise is met between the inner and outer grooves of the record.

The mechanism itself is fixed to the lid — meaning the turntable can only run with the lid closed — and can be seen in the picture below. As you can see, the arm slides along a rail held in place with rubber supports to minimise resonance. The entire mechanism is driven by a small DC motor, which drives a gear assembly back and forth to move the arm to where it needs to be. The use of a linear tracking mechanism is essential for this turntable to operate.

Technics SL-1210 MK2 – Complete Disassembly