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Visitors to a web site from varying locales may be confused by date formats. The separators may be slashes, dashes or periods. Some locales print leading zeroes, others suppress them. Your first impulse may be to assume this problem will be taken care of during localization of the web pages – i. Resist this impulse. Do you really want to keep separate copies of documents for the U.

In any case you still have to deal with multilingual users like the one in our example above. Some prefer to modify ISO by using an abbreviation for the month to make it more clear, for example Apr, but then it is no longer locale neutral. To do this use a name for the month abbreviated or not and use 4 digits for all Gregorian year numbers. For example, 2 April The HTTP Accept-Language header only specifies the user’s language preferences, but is commonly used to determine locale preferences as well.

This method works well for dynamically generated web documents when inserting a date from some back-end storage into a page, as long as the user’s expectations of date format are clear.

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The earliest excavated examples, dating from about , came from Knossos, in Crete, but all the later finds are at Pylos and Mycenae on the Greek mainland.

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Egyptian hieroglyphs 32 c. It is an offshoot of the Imperial Aramaic alphabet , which flourished during the Achaemenid Empire and which itself derives from the Phoenician alphabet. Historically, two separate abjad scripts have been used to write Hebrew. The original, old Hebrew script, known as the paleo-Hebrew alphabet , has been largely preserved in a variant form as the Samaritan alphabet.

The present “Jewish script” or “square script”, on the contrary, is a stylized form of the Aramaic alphabet and was technically known by Jewish sages as Ashurit lit. Various “styles” in current terms, ” fonts ” of representation of the Jewish script letters described in this article also exist, including a variety of cursive Hebrew styles. In the remainder of this article, the term “Hebrew alphabet” refers to the square script unless otherwise indicated.

The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters. It does not have case. Five letters have different forms when used at the end of a word.

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The statue was found in at the foot of the Monte Santo near the site of Tuder more or less corresponding to present-day Todi and is currently held in the Vatican Museums. With regard to dating, most experts towards the beginning of the 4 th century B. The inscription, located on one of the front fimbriae of the armor, is in scriptio continua i.

The writing is right to left and the characters, for the inclined shape and some irregularities, can be attributed not only to an archaic phase of writing, but, according to Roncalli, also to an Etruscan hand. Finally, it is noteworthy that the sign of h is made with a sign normally used in Etruscan and not with what later becomes the typical Etruscan-based Umbrian sign.

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You may not think that spelling can be a life or death matter. But, the alphabets have actually been invented to avoid the fatal results that some spelling mistakes can have. Spelling alphabets are used to make radio messages as easily understood as possible especially by the military. The most prominent modern-day code is the NATO phonetic alphabet. Let’s consider a scenario. You might even be behind enemy lines! You receive orders to make your way to the extraction point: go to map grid DH But instead, your unit heads for BA98, having misheard the radio message.

Avoiding a critical situation like this is why we have phonetic spelling alphabets. You may have even visited a historical landmark which uses a spelling alphabet, like Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. Officially called Checkpoint C.

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But conversion, after all, was the chief aim of these devoted missionaries, and when some Venetian priests had invented a Latin alphabet for the Magyar language a great step had been taken towards its accomplishment. C The third letter in the Latin alphabet and its descendants corresponds in position and in origin to the Greek Gamma P, y , which in its turn is borrowed from the third symbol of the Phoenician alphabet Heb. Thus, to take an example, he will not print a critical text of Plautus with two letters Y and Z which were no part of the Latin alphabet in the age of that comedian; still less will he introduce into Latin texts distinctions, such as i,j and u, v, which were not used till long after the middle ages.

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Ogham is an alphabet that appears on monumental inscriptions dating from the 4th to the 6th century AD, and in manuscripts dating from the 6th to the 9th century. Ogham is also known as or ogham craobh tree ogham beth luis fearn or beth luis nion , after the first few letters. Ogham probably pre-dates the earliest inscriptions – some scholars believe it dates back to the 1st century AD – as the language used shows pre-4th century elements. It is thought to have been modelled on or inspired by the Roman, Greek or Runic scripts.

It was designed to write Primitive Irish and was possibly intended as a secret form of communication. While all surviving Ogham inscriptions are on stone, it was probably more commonly inscribed on sticks, stakes and trees. Inscriptions are mostly people’s names and were probably used to mark ownership, territories and graves. Some inscriptions in primitive Irish and Pictish have not been deciphered, there are also a number of bilingual inscriptions in Ogham and Latin, and Ogham and Old Norse written with the Runic alphabet.

The letters are shown in their vertical and horizontal variants. The pronunciation is for Primitive Irish, the language used in the majority of Ogham inscriptions. The names and sounds represented by the letters uath and straif are uncertain. There are many different version of the letter names – the standard ones are used here [with the Primitive Irish ones, where known, in bracketts] – others can be found at: evertype.

If you need to type in many different languages, the Q International Keyboard can help. It enables you to type almost any language that uses the Latin, Cyrillic or Greek alphabets, and is free.